The Art of Web Design

The art of Website Design is a broad term used to describe the design process of building a professional looking website. A web designer is professional who is involved in the design process of websites, that is, from typography to ensuring good quality of code and a wonderful user experience.If you do not have any coding or programming knowledge, that does not mean you can’t own a portion of the cyberspace. There is SEO in Devon company which is involved in building professional and responsive websites for clients who want real web presence. You just need to tell them about the goals of your business and they will do their best to come up with a site that perfectly meets your preferences. seoindevon

What then does a good website entails? There are many websites that are accessible online, some of them are good while others are whack! By consulting SEO in Devon you will never doubt your site because they will certainly make it professional and your clients will depict a better picture of your business.

A good website has the following attributes:

Good appearance: This involves the use of a good color scheme, text that can be read with ease, use of meaningful graphics and quality photography and should be simple.

Relevant content: Clearly labeling the content in your website, keeping it up to date, and communicating with the users of the site ensures its success.

A good website is a functional website: Every aspect of your website should work correctly without delay.

High degree of usability: This includes the site being usable over a platform of different browsers, and it being easy to read, navigate and understand.

Search Engine Optimized: Using important keywords frequently and appropriately increases its chances to be easily located by search engines.

To achieve the above is a click away as SEO in Devon knows everything about that.

Why Dedicated Rust Server Hosting Is The Best


Creating a website could be an easy task, but it you are not sure which hosting is the best for you then you may end up in frustration. Each website has to be hosted onto the internet and that can be done using shared services or dedicated services. Out of all the other options that are available, dedicated Rust Server is the best and here are some of the main reasons why many prefer this instead of the others.

The dedicated servers can give you a server only for your website. It is for you and only for you. This is in itself a big advantage. You can choose either to buy or lease it from the hosting company.

The website can be as extensive as you would like to have it. You do not have to worry about how to extend in order to add more features into it.

As the servers are dedicated, you get more storage space and bandwidth that makes this the fastest among the other types of server hosting that are available.

Security is one of the notable advantages that a dedicated server hosting can give. This is the main reason many people shift into using this type of hosting as security is a major concern in the other types.

Ideal for websites that have online games in it as the dedicated server can ensure that the requests are processed at good speed and there is no disturbances when an user is playing his or her game.

Cheaper when compared to the collocation hosting as you need not have to buy all the equipments and block your money in it.

The data that is saved in a dedicated server is highly secured and it is almost impossible to break in and destroy the details of the website.

Benefits of Online Computer Tech Support

Computers are now a part and parcel of most endeavors that we do. That does not in any way mean that any person using a computer on daily basis has a thorough understanding of its operation. What happen when you are working at home or office then you encounters a network error, blue screen or your computer fails to boot? It is not time to panic but to contact Sistema Technologies IT Consulting for you can access computer tech support from an expert who will come to your rescue. By consulting tech expert who can save you whether online or offline, as an individual or business, you will be cushioning yourself against unprecedented catastrophe.sistematechnologiesitconsulting

Having that in mind, you should either choose to get more info from Sistema Technologies IT Consulting and get instant assistant. By seeking computer tech support implies that a great deal of your precious time would be saved. When you visit the website you will realize that you can get help on 24/7 basis each day of the month. There is no need of hurting a crucial business simply because you could not get computer expert on time.

When you visit a website that offers online computer support service, their cost of service is always affordable. Computer users should not hurt their daily operations just like that when they can get a wide range of online tools that can remotely solve their troubles.

What happens when you want to install or uninstall an application and the computer fails to respond? The answers are simple, we recommend that you go to Sistema Technologies IT Consulting and chat with their computer geeks who can solve your computer error within few minutes or seconds.

Never let a computer stress you because our computer tech support team are always available when you need them any time.


The best European nanotechnology companies

The company manufacturers carbon nanotubes for specialised use and industrial application.Nanocyl offers quality carbon nanotubes-based products, research support and advanced manufacturing solutions to clients.
best nanotechnology technology companies
The company is focused on integrating the carbon nanotubes technology into materials to enhance the reliability of metals, biomaterials and polymers.


The company deals with nanofabrication.It supports clients in development and manufacturing by providing the equipment used for the nanofabrication semiconductor-based technologies. The company has extensive experience in nanophotonics, nanoelectronics and nanofabrication


The best nanotechnology technology companies deals in products based on Micro Electro –Mechanical Systems.It is one of the best nanotechnology technology companies.MEMSCAP focuses on enhancing the adoption of MEMS technology into various systems as a way of solving technical, cost and performance challenges. The micro-systems act as sensors for environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity and pressure.

The company mainly focuses on optical communications industry, IT, the aviation industry and the medical sector.MEMSCAP is engaged in research to develop new solutions to support their clients in modules, parts and manufacturing technology.


The company deals with biopharmaceutical products.Ablynx designs and develops Nanobodies.These are types of proteins that are to provide therapy for diseases such as cancer, lung inflammation and tissue infections. The Nanobodies created by Ablynx have the potency of antibody drugs combined with small-molecule drugs.

Ablynx has over thirty ongoing programmes, and eight Nanobodies are in the final stages of development. The company has research partnerships with leading pharmaceutical firms including Novartis, Boehringer and Eddingpharm.

The company has more than five hundred patents relating to the development and manufacture of Nanobodies.Ablynx has extensive experience in the development and clinical application of Nanobodies that puts it at an advantage to pursue the field further.


The company designs, manufactures and supplies quality porous also provides research and development support on polymer ion track technology.itp4ip deals with small and medium membranes based on their track etching technology.

Bayer MaterialScience

The organization is a global leader in the supply of modern polymers to various industries. The company focuses on providing solutions to contemporary challenges.

NVidia Shuffling Their Management

NVIDIA has announced today the appointment of two new vice presidents responsible for the markets in Europe, the Middle East and India. Jaap Zuiderveld was appointed vice president of sales and marketing in this region, while Xochilt Balzola-Widmann has become vice president of consumer business. Zuiderveld comes to NVIDIA from London Colt Technology Services, where he led a global team involved in the sale of services to businesses. Previously, he held the position of European Operations Director and Executive at ACN, and before that he was CEO of Active 24, where he was promoted from the position of director of operations in Europe.

Zuiderveld has over 20 years of experience in the IT and telecommunications market, working previously in Versatel Telecom International (which loves IT Services Orlando), KPN Telecom and British Telecom. In NVIDIA he’s going to lead the company’s activities in Europe, the Middle East, India, and Russia. He’s also responsible for the increase in sales of consumer products and integrated systems and solutions for enterprises and the automotive industry. Jaap Zuiderveld will take care of markets and integrated systems solutions for business and the automotive industry

Xochilt Balzola-Widmann went to NVIDIA from Amazon, where she was responsible for Kindle product development in the region Central Europe. A veteran of the gaming industry and has previously occupied senior positions in companies like Activision Blizzard and Electronic Arts. During her 20-year career, Balzola-Widmann also worked on executive functions in the European branches of companies Ingram Micro and Symantec. Xochilt Balzola-Widmann will be responsible for sales growth in the consumer sector of the EMEAI region, focusing on brands GeForce and SHIELD (powering up Managed IT Services).

I wish the best to both of them and hopefully they will improve the brand, but can we expect even more than what we’ve got lately from the GTX970 card? It’s been absolutely amazing and even I plan on ordering one soon.


Some time ago we informed you that Facebook is working on an application that will allow conducting discussions with other anonymous users. The most popular social networking service and privacy don’t really sound well together, however, something was on top of things, because this rumor appeared on the network several times. Until now it was not known how the company wants to resolve the issue of privacy and the identification of persons in such a way that we could lead the discussions on the right level, and that none of the interviewees could identify us. Facebook finally decided to present their new software designed for mobile devices, which is called Rooms. The application isn’t connected with our social network account, and administration of age, gender or address is not needed to use the program. Only the e-mail address is essential for any attempt to regain access to your account.

How to use the application? The software allows you to create rooms in which users can gather. Communication takes place in a similar way as for native social networking site. The creator of such a room can customize it by adding image or setting the background, and users can add posts, photos and videos, under which everyone will be able to post messages. Very strong emphasis has been placed on administrative capacity of our room, which is not strange in this case – someone has to keep order, so that no one can effectively disrupt the talks or spoil the prevailing atmosphere.

An interesting option is the ability to use nicknames. In one room we can be called the user A and user B in the second, and it is all to make the identification more difficult. We have to admit that Facebook did well on creating this app – additional functionalities are to be added gradually over time. Unfortunately, the software is only available for iOS and we do not know when it will be ready for the appropriate version of Android and Windows Phone.

Intel’s Revenue

The results of the first quarter of large IT companies are usually higher or lower than expected – rather rarely we can hear about the perfect fulfillment of the promises of analysts, so the latest information from the Intel finance department should not surprise anyone. The largest manufacturer of CPUs in the world is not slowing down, and despite the (supposed) weakening of the personal computer market it is still expanding their accounts by record amounts. Yesterday they have announced the latest official results for the third quarter of 2014, which turned out to be better than expected by analysts. Pompously announced Post-PC era seems to not be so terrible for Intel.

Total revenue in the third period of 2014 ended up amounted to $ 14.6 billion, an increase of $ 1.1 billion (8 percent) compared to the third quarter of 2013. What looks even better is the operating profit of $ 4.5 billion – an increase of 30 percent compared to the same period last year. What else can Intel boast about? In the third quarter, they reportedly managed to sell a record number of 100 million processors. According to official information, it is a new record when it comes to such a short period of time.

Most profitable division is still a section dedicated to personal computers – it has earned 9.2 billion in revenues, an increase of 9 percent compared to Q3 2013. Another important branch is a group called Intel Data Center Group, which adds to the overall results of 3.9 billion of dollars in revenue. The manufacturer expects even better results in the fourth quarter. Revenue is expected to reach the amount of 14.7 billion dollars, which is unbelievable to me, as a single person. On a side note, the world’s total wealth is expected to hit 263 trillion dollars this year. Wow!

Microsoft and Samsung = Billions Flowing

The financial results of large corporations engaged in software development (which still has a lot of problems, causing you to consult an Ottawa IT services from time to time) and production of electronic devices (or components) give some of us headaches – many users do not realize the amount of income that their favorite brands receive, and after the publication of the annual rankings are bombarded with billions of dollars that fall on us like anvils in cartoons. Have you ever wondered, however, how they look once you break down these results on the different sections and departments of the corporation? For example, Microsoft sells not only operating systems but also gaming consoles, office and server software, licenses their own mobile phones and deals with many services available on the network.

What profits generate each of the Microsoft brands? We will discuss this matter today, because we are in store for a very interesting information which might surprise many readers interested in the market of mobile devices – it is no secret that manufacturers of smartphones and tablets with Android pay the appropriate fee to Microsoft for each copy made. This stems primarily from the licensing of patents, without which you cannot legally release a new device on the market.

The height of these fees, of course, varies depending on the model, however, the company from Redmond has no problem with giving the total amount flowing to the accounts from the Korean Samsung, which is the largest manufacturer of hardware with Android. As it turns out, Microsoft may enjoy every year with a “free” billion dollars for all licenses and technology sold to said Samsung – how does it look compared to the profits generated by the selected branches and brand giant from Redmond?

Last year, the Xbox section, Kinect, Xbox Live, Skype and Windows Phone earned “only” $ 848 million – an annual transfer (you can say tribute) from Samsung exceeds income for all these devices and services, which is undoubtedly surprising and interesting. It is worth remembering that Microsoft earns as well on other companies in the mobile industry that use the Android operating system, so the total receipts for about 200 patents needed to create a smartphone with Android are definitely bigger.

Lunatik Seismik Coupon

The strength of fall impact is enough to destroy even the most protected smartphones out there, especially the flagships ones. We’ve all heard the stories about iPhone falling from as low as 5 feet and being unusable until you get a replacement, and that’s an optimistic version, because mechanical “injuries” aren’t covered by the warranty in most of the countries. You could as well be left with a brick worth one thousand dollars and it would be just as useful as your shattered iPhone 6. That’s why I think it’s reasonable to spend a bit on a quality case that will protect your phone from the hazards of everyday live.images

A case that I can recommend without a second thought is Lunatik Seismik series that is available for iPhone 5 and 5S, and will soon be for iPhone 6. The case has been designed with drops in mind and that’s why it looks rather unordinary. It utilizes the patent-pending Impact Truss system that can be found in the Taktik series, so you can be sure that your phone is going to be protected well. The translucent durable hardshell back panel will allow you to show off the logo without worrying about any scratches on it, so it will be as beautiful as new even after few months of usage.

One often overlooked point when buying a protective case is whether you will have access to all of the phone features, and in this case, the answer is yes. Lunatik Seismik allows you to make full use of both Touch ID and iSight, which, sadly, isn’t always the case. If you’re looking to purchase their products, I can recommend this Lunatik coupon for 20% of all of their purchases. As mentioned earlier, I can personally vouch for every single one of their products, and especially customer service, which has been an awesome experience!

World Soccer Champions and 4K TV

This year’s world soccer championships are already behind us, sadly for all the fans out there. Personally, I wouldn’t have never expected the final to go the way it did (no spoilers for people who haven’t, somehow, watched yet). The Brazilian party wasn’t only an arena for soccer players, but also a happening that was very important for technology-related producers, which was used by one of the main championship’s partner – Sony.

Let’s start with the numbers. This year’s championships consisted of over 130 matches that have played on the court of 12 stadiums, with the involvement of 32 national teams. Sony has brought their statistics however, which look quite differently – for the Japanese manufacturer, World Championships 2014 were 47 planes, over 200 HD cameras, 280 people in the tech crew that were watching over the whole stuff and 8.5 ton truck that was used to deliver all the “moving equipment” for providers. Not enough? Well, let’s add more then – 24 shipping containers with everything that one could possibly need for HD material production, two helicopters, 37 standard cameras, air camera, 2 cameras for fast-image capturing, 72 cameras for Super Slow-motion, 48 vision mixers and 820 screens. If that still doesn’t impress you in any way, watching all the transmitted footage from the championships would take 7 years.

One of the most important aspects for Sony was the 4K transmission, which was possible due to co-operation with the BBC channel. Three matches were transmitted in the Ultra HD resolution in order to test the real capabilities of this technology at the moment, and apparently, everything well went. I can’t wait to watch more real-time material in awesome detail, as the 4K TV allows user to see quadruple amount of details when compared to the Full HD resolution. Source of my information is