NVidia Shuffling Their Management

NVIDIA has announced today the appointment of two new vice presidents responsible for the markets in Europe, the Middle East and India. Jaap Zuiderveld was appointed vice president of sales and marketing in this region, while Xochilt Balzola-Widmann has become vice president of consumer business. Zuiderveld comes to NVIDIA from London Colt Technology Services, where he led a global team involved in the sale of services to businesses. Previously, he held the position of European Operations Director and Executive at ACN, and before that he was CEO of Active 24, where he was promoted from the position of director of operations in Europe.

Zuiderveld has over 20 years of experience in the IT and telecommunications market, working previously in Versatel Telecom International (which loves IT Services Orlando), KPN Telecom and British Telecom. In NVIDIA he’s going to lead the company’s activities in Europe, the Middle East, India, and Russia. He’s also responsible for the increase in sales of consumer products and integrated systems and solutions for enterprises and the automotive industry. Jaap Zuiderveld will take care of markets and integrated systems solutions for business and the automotive industry

Xochilt Balzola-Widmann went to NVIDIA from Amazon, where she was responsible for Kindle product development in the region Central Europe. A veteran of the gaming industry and has previously occupied senior positions in companies like Activision Blizzard and Electronic Arts. During her 20-year career, Balzola-Widmann also worked on executive functions in the European branches of companies Ingram Micro and Symantec. Xochilt Balzola-Widmann will be responsible for sales growth in the consumer sector of the EMEAI region, focusing on brands GeForce and SHIELD (powering up Managed IT Services).

I wish the best to both of them and hopefully they will improve the brand, but can we expect even more than what we’ve got lately from the GTX970 card? It’s been absolutely amazing and even I plan on ordering one soon.

Gaming Peripherals

If you consider a hardcore gamer, you probably have a wide assessment of the right gaming accessories that suit your gaming needs and experience. If you however don’t have the necessary peripherals for your custom-built personal computer, you might want to take a look at this article – I’ll list the most beneficial ones, which will make your time spent in front of the screen seem much more pleasant. Enjoy the article.

Headsets are an absolute necessity in our gaming equipment – not only they allow you to communicate with your friends and family using VoIP services like Skype and TeamSpeak, but also listen to music in peace, without disturbing your roommate or other people at your house – have you had your neighbors complain to you about your Counter-Strike game being too loud at 1 AM in the morning? With headphones you won’t experience this problem. If you have a team in a MOBA game like League of Legends, using voice communication can be extremely helpful during the game, too.

Write a lot or an avid MMORPG fun? Mechanical keyboards will be a terrific pleasure to use, then. Being made with gamers and writers in mind, they have a different mechanism than our ordinary, rubber dome keyboards, which allows for more precise and tactile feel when typing. There’s a wide assessment of “switches” that impact how the mechanical keyboards feels to type on – right now, I’m typing on Corsair K90, which has Cherry MX red switches. They are believed to be the most natural, and after trying out other, like Blue and Brown, they certainly feel that way.

Those two gaming accessories are something you just can’t pass by if you consider yourself a serious gaming enthusiast. If you prefer driving games, you might also consider getting a racing wheel, as it will bring you much more enjoyment than a keyboard or a gamepad. That trio should provide the experience you’re looking for.