Some time ago we informed you that Facebook is working on an application that will allow conducting discussions with other anonymous users. The most popular social networking service and privacy don’t really sound well together, however, something was on top of things, because this rumor appeared on the network several times. Until now it was not known how the company wants to resolve the issue of privacy and the identification of persons in such a way that we could lead the discussions on the right level, and that none of the interviewees could identify us. Facebook finally decided to present their new software designed for mobile devices, which is called Rooms. The application isn’t connected with our social network account, and administration of age, gender or address is not needed to use the program. Only the e-mail address is essential for any attempt to regain access to your account.

How to use the application? The software allows you to create rooms in which users can gather. Communication takes place in a similar way as for native social networking site. The creator of such a room can customize it by adding image or setting the background, and users can add posts, photos and videos, under which everyone will be able to post messages. Very strong emphasis has been placed on administrative capacity of our room, which is not strange in this case – someone has to keep order, so that no one can effectively disrupt the talks or spoil the prevailing atmosphere.

An interesting option is the ability to use nicknames. In one room we can be called the user A and user B in the second, and it is all to make the identification more difficult. We have to admit that Facebook did well on creating this app – additional functionalities are to be added gradually over time. Unfortunately, the software is only available for iOS and we do not know when it will be ready for the appropriate version of Android and Windows Phone.

Lunatik Seismik Coupon

The strength of fall impact is enough to destroy even the most protected smartphones out there, especially the flagships ones. We’ve all heard the stories about iPhone falling from as low as 5 feet and being unusable until you get a replacement, and that’s an optimistic version, because mechanical “injuries” aren’t covered by the warranty in most of the countries. You could as well be left with a brick worth one thousand dollars and it would be just as useful as your shattered iPhone 6. That’s why I think it’s reasonable to spend a bit on a quality case that will protect your phone from the hazards of everyday live.images

A case that I can recommend without a second thought is Lunatik Seismik series that is available for iPhone 5 and 5S, and will soon be for iPhone 6. The case has been designed with drops in mind and that’s why it looks rather unordinary. It utilizes the patent-pending Impact Truss system that can be found in the Taktik series, so you can be sure that your phone is going to be protected well. The translucent durable hardshell back panel will allow you to show off the logo without worrying about any scratches on it, so it will be as beautiful as new even after few months of usage.

One often overlooked point when buying a protective case is whether you will have access to all of the phone features, and in this case, the answer is yes. Lunatik Seismik allows you to make full use of both Touch ID and iSight, which, sadly, isn’t always the case. If you’re looking to purchase their products, I can recommend this Lunatik coupon for 20% of all of their purchases. As mentioned earlier, I can personally vouch for every single one of their products, and especially customer service, which has been an awesome experience!

New Steam Record

Steam platform by Valve, due to given time, has almost entirely claimed the gaming market on the PC, but some manufacturers and distributors have decided to steal a few percent of their share from its competitor, so that we can now also observe the development of other platforms for sales and game services like Origin, for example. This does not mean, however, that Steam is struggling with any problems of a financial nature or dropping number of users – a service provided by Valve continues to grow and shows no signs of any intention to change this trend. Recently, the Steam Summer Sale 2014 has ended. If you don’t know yet, it’s one of the biggest market sales on the Internet, smaller than maybe Black Friday – 2 weeks of amazing deals is something people really love, turns out!

Some people probably expected more, but this year’s offer was not as bad. Well, everyone evaluates Valve promotions under its terms and the lack of AAA games this time could hurt some people’s opinion. There is no doubt that the holiday season will be one of the best periods for Steam and so indicate the latest statistics of popularity for the platform. Yesterday, at 19:00, the record of active users was broken – there were more than 8 million users online at once!

It is worth mentioning that the previous record that was broken during the winter sale was thus beaten by hundreds of thousands of players (over 7,000,000). Most played games are of course Dota 2 (over 775,000 players today), Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (over 160,000 players in the last day), and Team Fortress 2 (more than 78,000 players).

In my opinion, Steam is way better than Origin and will continue their lead on the market for the foreseeable future, and if the concurrency doesn’t come up with something initiative, they may remain a monopolist of a kind.