Gaming Peripherals

If you consider a hardcore gamer, you probably have a wide assessment of the right gaming accessories that suit your gaming needs and experience. If you however don’t have the necessary peripherals for your custom-built personal computer, you might want to take a look at this article – I’ll list the most beneficial ones, which will make your time spent in front of the screen seem much more pleasant. Enjoy the article.

Headsets are an absolute necessity in our gaming equipment – not only they allow you to communicate with your friends and family using VoIP services like Skype and TeamSpeak, but also listen to music in peace, without disturbing your roommate or other people at your house – have you had your neighbors complain to you about your Counter-Strike game being too loud at 1 AM in the morning? With headphones you won’t experience this problem. If you have a team in a MOBA game like League of Legends, using voice communication can be extremely helpful during the game, too.

Write a lot or an avid MMORPG fun? Mechanical keyboards will be a terrific pleasure to use, then. Being made with gamers and writers in mind, they have a different mechanism than our ordinary, rubber dome keyboards, which allows for more precise and tactile feel when typing. There’s a wide assessment of “switches” that impact how the mechanical keyboards feels to type on – right now, I’m typing on Corsair K90, which has Cherry MX red switches. They are believed to be the most natural, and after trying out other, like Blue and Brown, they certainly feel that way.

Those two gaming accessories are something you just can’t pass by if you consider yourself a serious gaming enthusiast. If you prefer driving games, you might also consider getting a racing wheel, as it will bring you much more enjoyment than a keyboard or a gamepad. That trio should provide the experience you’re looking for.

What To Do With SEO Content?

The duplicate content is quickly becoming one of the most common problems in this modern era of SEO. Indeed, some of the internal site pages which have the same textual content will dilute its potential SEO: Google not only hesitate before the correct version of the content to be indexed, but it is above all a lost opportunity, since ‘ Ideally each page should have its own unique value.seocontent

If several instances of duplicate content can be easily diagnosed (multiple versions of the home page, pages undeveloped and, therefore, similar to other filters, e-commerce navigation causing duplicate URLs, etc…). And for these situations it will often, unfortunately, discovered the problem too late, or after Google has already visited your site and indexed content.

Optimized quality content:

Many Canada seo content writing company offer good services to their clients. To be considered reliable by looking engines, your site needs to the text line of at least 200 words and varying sizes. The texts should be structured with headings and sub-headings: it is called ergonomics. This principle is intended to provide greater clarity by facilitating access to information sought more users enjoy reading; they will spend more time on your pages and will also recommend Google.

The SEO writer of the net applies to select securities linked by a thread containing keywords. Writing a text referenced, it is above all keywords. It is precisely the key to success! Web content is mainly keywords smart, well-placed, which follow an SEO audit. They correspond to the terms that user’s type into their search engine. They perfectly blend the text for readability.

Indeed, the big black and white teddy content requires hold up: appraisal, development of the subject, reliability etc.. We must combine quality text and SEO strategy: some keywords inserted with art, in a working paper.


How many times have you found yourself trying to share a screenshot with your friend, but the old ritual of pressing the PrintScreen key, pasting it into Paint or whatever graphic program you use, saving the image and uploading to a site, probably Imgur or imageshack, and only then sharing the link made you rethink your decision? Well, you don’t have to worry about that no more – few software corrections have been made to the games before, and now they save the screenshot for you – you just have to upload it. And that would be pretty awesome, if it wasn’t for a program called Gyazo, that does that and much, much more. Read more in the next paragraphs!

Now, if you’re jumping from the old PrtScn (that’s the text from PrintScreen keypad) method, you will be amazed by the functionality that this little tool offers. Basically, it overwrites the basic system function, and when you press an earlier chosen keybind, it will prompt a cursor change into a small cross, indicating that you’re now to select a piece of the screen that you want to upload. Yes, it’s that simple – soon, a new tab will open with your pic located on their servers. Only thing left for you to do is right-clicking it and clicking “copy the image URL” or just linking the page to your friend – that’s it, a process that once took minutes has been shortened to mere seconds. Now, that’s not the only function of this program – it can also auto-create GIFs to upload, so you can also share funny movie screencaps with your friends – it’s just as simple as the single image uploading.

With all those amazing features, there’s nothing to love about Gyazo. There’s an alternative program that I used to use, called Lightshot, but it lacks the GIF uploading function that I needed. Nevertheless, both of those are worth checking out if you share a lot of pictures with your friends. And, most importantly, both are completely free to use!

VLC Media Player

People often ask me what is the one best video player – a question many of us, technology people like to avoid. I have tried many media players in my life, ranging from the default Windows Media Player, trough All Player and many others, before finally coming to conclusion that couldn’t be any other nowadays. I present you VLC Media Player, the ultimate answer to the question stated at the beginning of this article. Wondering why? Well, let me explain in my article. Enjoy your read.

First and foremost, it supports a huge, and I mean huge, variety of formats. Anything from a standard AVI through MP4 to MKV will be played without any hiccups by VLC. Blu-Ray movie straight from the disk? This program has no problems with it, provided your PC is strong enough to actually do that. It makes the most of available memory and processing power to ensure that all you get is flawless video playback. Subtitles are also worth mentioning, for all the people out there that don’t like watching movies without original dubbing, yet want to understand the plot – I have never had any problems with them! Every single format and encoding I tried, it worked.

Also, most importantly to our Linux and Mac friends out there, VLC Media Player is completely open source – that is, you are free to modify every single aspect of the program to your liking. In the result, VLC works on most of operating systems known to man – I run it on my Raspberry Pi to watch videos on my TV! I believe that with the community support many upgrades could be possible created, or interesting plugins to make VLC even better!

All in all, VLC Media Player is, in my opinion, the ultimate answer to the question “What is the best video player available for PC users?” It has a wide variety of functions, supports almost all formats, plays subtitles without problems and is open-source – what’s there not to love?