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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do members connect to the AEIN online service?
A. Members can access the AEIN using their existing Internet Service Providers or LAN-based Internet connections. Dial-up, DSL or cable may be used.

Q. How can I easily remember the AEIN's name?
A. Think of the first three vowels in the alphabet, followed by "N", which stands for Network. The last two letters are in the word "InterNet" as well.

Q. What is the risk of viruses when using the AEIN?
A. Users are far less likely to get viruses on their computers by using the AEIN, in comparison to a web browser. Unlike AEIN pages, webpages can contain viruses that are activated just by visiting them. Even reputable websites are sometimes affected by this (through third-party advertisements).


Q. What operating systems can run the AEIN Access Software?
A. This service is no longer available for Windows computers or machines that only have DOS. It's necessary to use a PC-compatible with DOS and the Tandy DeskMate 3.x GUI.

Q. Why do some computers need to be rebooted to run the AEIN Access Software a second time?
A. This issue was thoroughly examined in 2012. The code of DMAEIN was compared to that of GEMCIS, a small but similar Internet application for the GEM graphical user interface. It uses the same exact process and methods to communicate with the server and open/close sockets, yet it runs repeatedly without any need to reboot. Apparently, this problem is caused by a conflict between certain packet drivers and the way DeskMate handles memory. There is no solution but to reboot when running it more than once.

Q. Is there a detailed list of system requirements?
A. Yes; users must have EGA, VGA or TGA graphics. Any processor will work. A mouse or joystick is optional.

Q. Is the AEIN easy to use with or without a mouse?
A. Yes. There are multiple ways to accomplish most functions. Whether you are logging in, scrolling through pages, viewing an image or visiting "related pages", it's easy to accomplish these tasks with or without a mouse.

Q. What speed Internet connection can I use to access the AEIN?
A. Just about any connection will work, including dial-up, DSL, LAN and cable. A minimum connection speed of 9.6kbps is recommended, but this is not a requirement. The AEIN page LOW-SPEED has tips for using the service on very slow connections and pre-1996 modems.

Q. Is it possible to use the AEIN without a hard drive?
A. Yes; you can run it from a floppy or Zip disk. The program takes longer to open and close, but it will remain just as fast otherwise.

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