VLC Media Player

People often ask me what is the one best video player – a question many of us, technology people like to avoid. I have tried many media players in my life, ranging from the default Windows Media Player, trough All Player and many others, before finally coming to conclusion that couldn’t be any other nowadays. I present you VLC Media Player, the ultimate answer to the question stated at the beginning of this article. Wondering why? Well, let me explain in my article. Enjoy your read.

First and foremost, it supports a huge, and I mean huge, variety of formats. Anything from a standard AVI through MP4 to MKV will be played without any hiccups by VLC. Blu-Ray movie straight from the disk? This program has no problems with it, provided your PC is strong enough to actually do that. It makes the most of available memory and processing power to ensure that all you get is flawless video playback. Subtitles are also worth mentioning, for all the people out there that don’t like watching movies without original dubbing, yet want to understand the plot – I have never had any problems with them! Every single format and encoding I tried, it worked.

Also, most importantly to our Linux and Mac friends out there, VLC Media Player is completely open source – that is, you are free to modify every single aspect of the program to your liking. In the result, VLC works on most of operating systems known to man – I run it on my Raspberry Pi to watch videos on my TV! I believe that with the community support many upgrades could be possible created, or interesting plugins to make VLC even better!

All in all, VLC Media Player is, in my opinion, the ultimate answer to the question “What is the best video player available for PC users?” It has a wide variety of functions, supports almost all formats, plays subtitles without problems and is open-source – what’s there not to love?

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